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    Silver's shine is affected over time by several reasons, including oxidation and weather factors that contribute to its spoilage, and to take care of it, silver must be preserved and stored away from moisture and in dry places such as special jewelry boxes free of factors that damage silver. Therefore, some conditions must be applied to the permanence of the shine of your silver pieces, including:

           §   Store silver in special boxes and places

           §  Be careful not to wear silver jewelry when using chlorine, cleaning materials or chemicals in general

           §   Avoid entering mineral spas with your silver jewelry to avoid damaging them

           §  When you wear silver jewelry, it is best not to expose it to strong perfumes

           §  Avoid polishing silver jewelry with toothbrushes or sharp objects to avoid scratching them

           §   When storing your jewelry, it is preferable not to mix metals with each other and wrap them in cotton pieces to avoid any scratches or metal interaction with each other and keep them from moisture

           §  Use special fabrics and materials for polishing: To preserve your jewelry, it must be polished permanently and continuously using special polishing materials and fabrics to ensure its preservation and shine for a long time. Among these materials are sodium bicarbonate or salt and water. You can view the article on how to polish silver