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  • Privacy and Security Policy

    Tizkari Jewelery is always committed to preserving all your data and preserving the privacy of the information that you provide through our platforms, and you are guaranteed complete confidentiality while entering your personal data.

    And through many steps, the most important of which is:

         - Hire a protection officer to protect our data and communication networks

         -The existence of a policy for our store, procedures and measures aimed at preserving and protecting customers' data

          -Taking sophisticated technical and practical measures to keep information confidential

    registration and data controller:

    Roaming in our store does not require registration, but requires you to enter certain information to complete the purchase process, and specialists will process your data and complete and submit your requests securely and confidentially.

    This is done through a specialized administrative structure that follows your data and requests from registration and data entry to receipt of your requests without seeking the help of another party and does not share your information with another party or another administrative institution

    Customer data required

    The type of data you need will vary depending on your activity in our store, as it differs between your purchases and registering products in your shopping cart and between finalizing the entire purchasing process and payment.

    Or between your request for special products that have your own names or dates and regular products that do not print anything on them

       Certain information is collected and sent to us through your browser that you browse in our store, and this data is represented in

    The type of browser you are visiting us from:

          - Your operating system

          - The device used and its type

          - The date and time of your visit

          - Your IP

    The store contains social media application icons, through which you can share our products and posts on your social media pages. This does not allow us to transfer your information relating to your social media pages or the arrival of a copy of it to us.

    In order to avoid imitating our products or violating our production rights, Tizkari jewelry has made special and automatic measures, to identify and address those who attempt to imitate our products or work under our name and logo.

    There is specific data that we collect from you when registering on our website and when purchasing

     Information required from you when creating an account:

    All the data required from you in this case is present in the account creation form, and does not exceed the name, email and private telephone number

     Information required from you during purchase:

     It is also information that has a special form and depending on the cases which means the case of payment by the visa card and in this case you will be asked for information of the card and we assure you that this information does not reach anyone, regardless of their specialty and position in the company, so that the information is automatically directed to the bank to complete the payment process. As for payment upon receipt, no information concerning your bank account will be requested in this case.

    Likewise, if you order a special product with special information, you will be asked for information about it.

     The importance of collecting personal data:

    The personal information we collect helps you obtain our services in an integrated and improved way by:

        - Make it easy for you to navigate our website

        - Allow you to obtain more information about our products and our store via the Contact us service

        - Make it easy and secure for you to shop and buy on our website

        - Allow you to obtain after-sales service

        - Let us know your thoughts on our products and services

        - For the purposes of statistical, financial and commercial studies of our company

        - To keep you informed of all our new products, offers and services

        - Allow us to visualize your favorite things on our site and your interests in order to offer you special offers in line with your needs.

      How long will your information stay on our network?

       In order to guarantee you the best services and to offer you special offers in line with your needs and to make sure that you shop with ease on our site, your information can remain with us for life so that you remain one of the privileged customers. and the date of your subscription remains recorded to enable you to obtain all the features and services.

    In order to follow your opinions and everything related to the warranty of the product and to follow with you the results of the product and its quality.