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    Tizkari Jewelry Company: It is a company that sells jewelry, silver, gifts, accessories, precious stones and precious metals. Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. He produces his works in Turkey and exports them abroad through international shipping companies that have been agreed upon with Tizkari Jewelry. Tizkari Jewelry was established on 01/08/2018. Tizkari Jewelery started selling through social media platforms, then the management team took a decision to establish this website to facilitate and add better ways to the customer and additional benefits such as payment via the Internet and sending gifts to those he loves around the world and anywhere. The store displays the details of the products and its explanation for easy finding of the things that the buyer is searching for without referring to us to know the details of the displayed products.There is also a specialized support team. In the event of any malfunction, you can send a text message for support and ask for help, and the team will be ready to solve the problems.

    tizkari Jewelry is an institution subject to the laws of the Turkish Republic and has a license to manufacture and sell products via the Internet and sell inside Turkey and export them abroad.

    The products displayed on the store and the models shown are entirely made by Tizkari Jewelry. They are designed by experts, and after passing through various types of monitoring, they are sent to the customer. All Tizkari jewelry products are stamped by the Goldsmiths Guild of Turkey.

    All of our products are certified and have a one-year warranty. With an official invoice for each product.

    • our goals 

         Tizkari Jewelry aims to develop and achieve global successes in the world of jewelry and provide the latest and most beautiful models in terms of high quality and elegant design. Our main goal is to bring happiness to the customer through our products. Also, satisfying the customer and meeting his requirements in the world of jewelry is one of the basics of our work as the customer is an essential partner and his experience when purchasing is an essential step in business continuity


    Date of Establishment: 01/08/2018 

    Official Website: TIZKARI JEWELRY

    Official instagram account: TIZKARI JEWELRY

    Management: HERE

    Registration information in E-ticaret: eticaret.gov.tr/siteprofil/tizkarijewelrycom

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