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    These terms and conditions relate to Tizkari jewelry (tizkarijwelery.com), which depends on these terms as a safe reference. We welcome you to the site.
     when you visit the site you guarantee your acceptance of the terms and conditions. The site has the right to change or amend some terms and conditions of use at any time. These changes are activated when they are published on the site, so you must review and browse the terms and conditions of use regularly to see all updates in time and your continued use of the site is your agreement to the terms and conditions and their updates.
    How to use the site

    Dear visitor, please visit the site by people over the age of eighteen or under the supervision of a guardian in order to avoid taking requests from people are not responsible.

    The use of the site is licensed under the framework of respecting the specified terms and conditions, and the purpose of this license is for shopping on the site and buying personal goods. Enabling the products to be used for commercial purposes or on behalf of a third party, such as what is permitted by us clearly and transparently, and any breach of these terms and conditions will result in the immediate cancellation of the license granted in this paragraph.
    Some of the services and features that are available on the site require registration or subscription to it. In the event that you choose to register or participate in these services, you are obligated to agree to provide accurate and current information about yourself and update it immediately if any changes have occurred to it. Each user is responsible for keeping passwords or other identification methods. All activities that occur are the responsibility of the account holder and we must be notified of any unauthorized use of your account. The site is not responsible for any loss that may result from your failure to respect the terms of this section.
    User posts

    All your posts to us on the site or our evaluation or ask questions and criticism are our sole and exclusive property. When you share any comment or criticism on the site, you give us the right to publish this comment or criticism. You are not authorized to use a false email or provide us with false information.
    Approval of orders and pricing

    The site has the right to reject or cancel any request if it is revealed to the user browsing with fictional information and this is done by sending an email confirmation of the request.

    You cannot purchase products in large quantities if the Cash on Delivery feature is activated

    We provide you with the most accurate pricing information for all users visiting the site. However, errors may occur sometimes, such as cases where the product is not properly priced on the site. In this context, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order, and if the product is not priced correctly, we will contact the customer to inform him of the error and he has the right to accept or cancel the order.
    Trademarks and copyrights

    All intellectual property rights registered or unregistered on the site and all information and designs are owned by us, including texts, graphics, images, video, music and sound, for their selection and coordination as a whole to all major compilations of software, source codes and programs. All contents of the site are protected by copyright and allowed in the event of publishing the store site while it is published. All rights reserved.