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    Snowflake necklace hover image

    Snowflake necklace

    A very simple necklace for every day and for the category that prefers softness and can be presented as a gift on success occasions.Italian silver 925..

    Atcha necklace hover image

    Atcha necklace

     necklace with a rose color  in the form of a tree add the meaning to your style. Italian silver 925 with a light stud and a one-year warran..

    Babylin necklace hover image

    Babylin necklace

    Very soft butterfly-shaped necklace with thin zircon stones of Italian silver 925 coated with real gold water..

    Balmash necklace hover image

    Balmash necklace

    Italian silver necklace 925 in the form of love arrow inlaid with zircon stones suitable to wear every day Italian silver 925 has a one-year warranty..

    Bukat necklace hover image

    Bukat necklace

    A soft necklace suitable for girls or to always wear Italian silver 925 with a soft transparent Swiss zircon stone..

    Carrie necklace hover image

    Carrie necklace

    if you search for simplicity, you will find it in this necklace, and if you search for elegance is also present. This necklace is one of the most beau..

    Chesena necklace hover image

    Chesena necklace

    A series of owners of fine taste, lovers of drawing and colors. Elegant Italian silver with a one-year warranty bearing a medal in the form of a drawi..

    Circle Necklace hover image

    Circle Necklace

    The Circle necklace comes to you in the form of a rose-colored circle with transparent zircon stone to add elegance and beauty to your look lad..

    Cuz necklace hover image

    Cuz necklace

    A necklace for women who prefer daily elegance. Cuz necklace is the most appropriate choice in order to be in a radiant look even in your normal days ..

    Davos necklace hover image

    Davos necklace

    A soft and delicate necklace that can always be worn and coordinated with all accessories inlaid with zircon stones of Italian 925 silver..

    dorta necklace hover image

    dorta necklace

    Dorta necklace made of Italian silver, coated with real gold water, inlaid with soft stones of transparent Swiss zircon on its edges, to distinguish y..

    Flamingo nacklace hover image

    Flamingo nacklace

    We take inspiration from the beauty of nature. The flamingo nacklace, in the circular shape studded with black zircon, with a flamingo shape  &nb..

    Flari necklace hover image

    Flari necklace

    The simplicity of the necklace increases its beauty and makes you unique. Flari necklace in the shape of a butterfly with transparent zircon stone of ..

    Golja necklace hover image

    Golja necklace

    Always wear the same piece of jewelry  and always look in your best appearance is not difficult, Tizkari jewelry gives you an elegant and permane..

    Heartly necklace hover image

    Heartly necklace

    We put in your hands a Heartly necklace Italian silver 925 in the shape of a heart with an infinity symbol to express eternal love, complement your el..

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