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    Anahtar necklace hover image

    Anahtar necklace

    The necklace carries the meaning of love and affection in the form of a key written on it a custom name covered by a heart with open wings Available i..

    coquillage necklace hover image

    coquillage necklace

    Inspired by the beauty of the sea for you, it is you who always choose excellence as a title for you. Italian silver 925 necklace in the form of a she..

    Cosia necklace hover image

    Cosia necklace

    In order to shine with striking feminine beauty, we chose this elegant model for you with a raindrop-shaped design to adorn your neck with charm and e..

    couple necklace hover image

    couple necklace

    The best expression of complementary between couple.Couple necklace in black and rose can be opened which name can be written on it and it is full of ..

    Harissa necklace hover image

    Harissa necklace

    What makes a Harissa Necklace the best necklaces? A precisely crafted necklace in correct Arabic calligraphy with a verse written on it and in the mid..

    kibra necklace hover image

    kibra necklace

    Italian silver necklace 925 written on it the letter you choose inlaid with soft and fixed zircon stones on a stone until the letter name you love rem..

    korin necklace hover image

    korin necklace

    One of the most beautiful necklaces that combine two in the form of two hearts can be written names or letters on them attached to the wingsItalian si..

    Letter necklaces hover image

    Letter necklaces

    With an openable heart inside it hanging a letter of your choice and with a special design that you choose. It is available in three colors that conta..

    Marom necklace hover image

    Marom necklace

    You have the right to think carefully about what makes this necklace distinct from others, but if you look at its details, this will obviate the quest..

    Mirror necklace hover image

    Mirror necklace

    Mirror necklace has a one-year warranty with a special design by the designers of tizkarijewelery dedicated to engraving what you like on it as a name..

    Sally's necklace hover image

    Sally's necklace

    Thinking about gifts is not as difficult as it seems to everyone, Tizkari jewelry offers you a silver italian necklace 925 in the shape of a heart stu..

    Tuba necklace hover image

    Tuba necklace

    Tuba necklace is available in three colors gold, silver and rose. It is possible to write names on it with a thin chain on it with small spheres of si..

    Zamra necklace hover image

    Zamra necklace

    Two hearts pendant with the name you want and the design of your choice  Italian silver 925 and studded with a soft stone of transparent Swiss zi..

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