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    Snowflake necklace hover image

    Snowflake necklace

    A very simple necklace for every day and for the category that prefers softness and can be presented as a gift on success occasions.Italian silver 925..

      ringi set hover image

    ringi set

    A ringi set that matches with a large number of clothes colors so that you will not be confused in coordinating with what you wear Italian silver 925 ..

    Anahtar necklace hover image

    Anahtar necklace

    The necklace carries the meaning of love and affection in the form of a key written on it a custom name covered by a heart with open wings Available i..

    arrow ring hover image

    arrow ring

    Make your ring penetrate into everyone's hearts, penetrate their minds, and express your beauty and elegance, the Arrow ring in the form of a arrow of..

    Ashkim earrings hover image

    Ashkim earrings

    Earrings that touch the softness of your ears and write on them your name or your special date to always enjoy a distinguished heroine..

    Atcha necklace hover image

    Atcha necklace

     necklace with a rose color  in the form of a tree add the meaning to your style. Italian silver 925 with a light stud and a one-year warran..

    Babylin necklace hover image

    Babylin necklace

    Very soft butterfly-shaped necklace with thin zircon stones of Italian silver 925 coated with real gold water..

    Bahar bracelet hover image

    Bahar bracelet

    The magic of colors in tizkarijewelry will catch your breath with a luxurious bracelet that dances in the magic of harmonious colors will give you a s..

    Bahar earring hover image

    Bahar earring

    The magic of colors in tizkarijewelry will take your breath away with luxurious earrings of Italian silver 925 that dance with the magic of coordinati..

    Bahar necklace hover image

    Bahar necklace

    The magic of colors in tizkarijewelry will take your breath away with a luxurious necklace that dances in the magic of coordinating colors that will g..

    Bahar ring hover image

    Bahar ring

    For those who prefer outstanding jewelry and color magic, tizkarijewelry offers you a luxurious ring that will catch your breath and dance in the magi..

    Bahar set hover image

    Bahar set

    Color magic in  tizkaijewelry will catch your breath A luxurious set that dances in the magic of harmonious colors will give you a sophisticated ..

    Balmash necklace hover image

    Balmash necklace

    Italian silver necklace 925 in the form of love arrow inlaid with zircon stones suitable to wear every day Italian silver 925 has a one-year warranty..

    Boyojo ring hover image

    Boyojo ring

    If you are a lover of rings decorated with beautiful stones, we put this ring in your hands. Italian silver 925..

    Bracelet check hover image

    Bracelet check

    Soft and elegant bracelet open to the front and has two sides  of Italian silver 925 and transparent Swiss zircon stone..

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